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Signs of a Gambling Problem

Help prevent it before it becomes a problem.

Gambling addiction is feared by many across the world regardless of race and status and it is rather understandable why it is so. Many also are embarrassed by the idea of being called an addict which made it tricky for when trouble do arise.

Signs of a Gambling Problem

The pattern of addiction can be seen in many besides gambling. Internet, alcohol, power, control, sex, fashion, TV, shopping, pornography, food, cigarretes, and even work could lead to some very serious addiction.

We went along doing what we shouldn’t thinking that it’d be all right as long as we don’t get caught.

In my humble opinion, anything that get to the point of too much is a potential to problem. Now what’s too much for each and everyone of us varies naturally and most often we don’t realise that too much is happening.

We get defensive for I believe that our deepest fear deep, deep down in us is to be judged. We fear this. We’re scared of being judged. We fear to be categorized and not to mention the horrible names they’d come up with later.

It seems that a lot of the things we do are based on a lot of what we do and what people are going to say about it. It is quite rare to be sharing a conversation that doesn’t relate to what you do and what you have.

The best way to avoid any trouble is when you free yourself of the fear of being judged. Life is full of uncertainty and it goes up and down at times because we simply can’t predict the future.

When you set a limit to all of the things you do and be serious about it, it would be less likely for you to be addicted to anything. Moderation is the key.

And when the unnatural do happens, have less fear in the words of others because there are many more who loves you who wouldn’t.

With honesty and love, there is understanding.

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