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Ultimate Gambling Guide

A helpful guide to playing at online casinos.

The thrill of playing casino games is naturally exciting. But as excited as you possibly are, and how impatient you may be to start playing right away, it is wise to take a little step back and understand how online gambling works.

The Ultimate Online Gambling Guide by ZCB

If you are new to online gambling, and if you are interested in playing at online casinos, this will help give you a better understanding. When you search for “online casinos”, you get hundreds of results in return.

The high number doesn’t make the industry bad. The high number is because online casinos are simply popular. And when anything gets popular in this world, we tend to have excess of it.

Top 12 Tips to Playing at Online Casinos:

1. Which online casino should I play at?

Before you register and start playing at any casino, check that the country that you’re residing in is not restricted by the casino. The next thing to check is the available banking options. Be certain that the casino accepts the payment method that you yourself own in your own name.

2. Are all online casinos the same?

They are not the same. The ones that look and feel the same are probably because they’re from the same owner. It could either be an expansion of the company or it could be that the company wants to give players more gaming variety. Another reason for the similar look is that while two casinos might look different and run by different people, they might be offering the same casino gaming software making them look similar to the other.

3. Are online casinos legal?

Whether or not it is legal truly depends on the country you’re residing in. With each of the economic instability that are happening, there might also be tax involved for some countries.

4. Are online casinos safe to play at?

There are loads of reliable and trusted online casinos around despite the inevitable few rotten eggs. In ZCB itself, there are plenty of recommended online casinos that have been sorted per bonus type. You can also do the extra mile if you’re doubtful and look up the casino’s name and add the keyword “rogue” or “blacklisted” to your search.

5. Are online casinos free-of-charge?

Online casinos are absolutely free to play at. When you join to be a member of any online casinos, a membership charge is not required at all. Membership is free. And the casino games software is also free.

6. What are Download and Instant Play options?

Download means that you can download the casino software to your computer for free. The Instant Play option on the other hand lets you play right on the web browser. While the amount of casino games may not be as many with the Instant Play option, this can change any time as we grow.

7. How do I download the casino’s software?

Downloading the casino’s software onto your computer is very, very easy and it only takes a minute or two. You’ll be guided throughout the set up process just like you would be with any other software you have on your computer.

8. What’s Fun Play and Real Play?

Fun play is playing with free computer credits with no real money involved. Real Play, on the other hand, is playing with real money that you had either deposited or had gotten from a bonus.

9. What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is a bonus that each and every casino gives to welcome new players when they first join the casino. This free welcome bonus varies from casino to casino. The welcome bonus that is most commonly found is the percentage bonus to help boost your first deposit amount. The other two welcome bonuses around are free spins and no deposit bonuses.

10. What are wagering requirements?

Given the generous amount of free bonuses that online casinos give, a wagering requirement is set up to protect online casinos from bonus abusers. Each free bonus that you claim has a wagering amount that must be met before making a withdrawal. Make a practice of checking the wagering requirement first before claiming any types of free bonus.

11. How do I make a deposit and or withdrawal?

Go to the Banking or Payment tab when you log in to your player’s account and choose the type you have. The same procedure applies for when you want to make a withdrawal as well.

12. Who can I contact if there’s a problem?

The best bet is the instant live help. Other alternatives include email to player support team, phone numbers, fax numbers, all of which can be easily found on the casino’s website. You can also contact me if you need further help and I’ll be happy to assist.
As for whether online casinos are bad or not, it is yours to decide. If you’re in it for the entertainment and to have fun, you are a sensible person already, and you certainly know you can control yourself.