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Why Are Live Dealer Casinos So Popular?

Live dealer casinos have been the talk of the town these days. Some call it a brand new phenomenon to online gambling. Some call it one of the latest and one of the most exciting development in the online casino industry. Some even call it one of the greatest inventions of this decade.

To wrap it all, live dealer casinos have become such a big hit to online gamblers all across the world.

Online gambling has in fact increased dramatically in popularity since live dealer casinos were introduced to the online gambling industry.

Given how popular live dealer casinos have become, more and more casinos are joining in to feature this option. There are also casinos such as Global Live Casino, Guru Play Casino, Castle Casino and Casino Creed which are dedicated specially for live dealer games.

For those who are puzzled as to what live dealer casinos are all about, live dealer casinos are basically still online casinos but instead of using computer software programs, you are connected to a live video streaming with real dealers conducting the game you play. Compared to the traditional online casino games, what attracts players the most is the human interaction that live dealer casinos bring.

On top of your game being dealt by live dealers, live dealer casinos gives you the real casino ambiance just like in a land based casino giving you a much more realistic casino experience. To make it even more exciting, the software provides actual footage of the game in progress.

Live dealer casinos have truly brought online casino games to a totally new different level. Giving you the thrills of a real casino without leaving the comfort of your home is a brand new phenomenon indeed. All you need is a computer and the Internet. No driving, no crowds, no queues and no hassles.

Check out the listing below and get ready to experience the real action with live dealer casinos.

Live Dealer Casinos: